Frequently Asked Questions



Can I participate in the competition if I am not a student of any music institution and I am studying with a private teacher?

Yes, competition is open to all musicians, regardless of the method of studying.

Can a participant in nomination World Internet Competition of Music Schools participate in other competitive categories (duets, ensembles, solo instruments) with the same competitive program?

Yes, a participant in nomination World Internet Competition of Music Schools can participate in other categories with the same competitive program, but the competitive video recording must conform with conditions in the category, i.e. for each nomination contestant provides a separate video recording.


If we have a few scanned birth certificates of contestants how we should send it as an attached file with more than one document (file)?

You should send all your documents in one file. For example, to put in Microsoft Word documents on multiple pages.

For contestants in the “Duo”, we need to fill out one general application?

Yes, for the contestants in the “Duo”, “Chamber Ensembles”, “Orchestra” – participants fill one general application for all participants. The column “Date of Birth” DUETS fill with data from the most senior participant, and for ENSEMBLES, ORCHESTRAS and CHOIRS fill data from approximately average age of the contestants.

How to fill a column “The name of institution and address:” in the online application form?

The heading “The name of institution and address:” must be filled in their native language if the contestant is not a student of an institution, in this section, put “-“. Please write full address of institution: country, city, zip code, region, street, house number and the name of the music institution.

How to fill a column of competitive program?

It should include the name of compositions in English, except in cases where the program has a unique native name, in this case, the name is indicated in Latin characters without translation into English.

How to make sure that the application is accepted?

All competitive video recordings will be placed on the web site within the time specified in rules of competition (Article 9). If for some reason you do not find your video recording, immediately contact the organizer via email or by Skype: Maria_fass. Questions can be asked by English.


Is it possible to as proof of payment of fee to send a receipt?

Proof of payment of the contribution is the form of payment, where you can see the payer’s name, city and country. On the form you should also write the name of the contestant, his/her nomination.

Can I make a payment for several contestants on the same form of payment?

Yes, you can pay a fee for several contestants on the same form (to avoid big bank fees). Before scanning and sending documents on form of payment you should write the full list of contestants, their names and their nominations. And attach this form to each online application.


Can I send a video recording with a size more than 50 Mb?

The Internet provider of web site accepts applications with a total size of all files (video recording, the scanned proof of payment, the scanned birth certificate or a list of contestants and prefilled online application) to 50 MB (50,000,000 bytes). The exception is the online applications for the category “World Internet Competition of Music Schools”, where the total size of up to 70 MB (70,000,000 bytes).

Can a participant-soloist in the categories piano and accordion perform with orchestra, chamber ensemble or accompanist?

In the categories piano and accordion all contestants compete under the same conditions and can not perform with an orchestra, chamber ensemble and accompanist.

Can a competitor before the execution of the competition program declare only age category and name, surname?

All the contestants of solo and duets nominations before the execution of the competition program must pronounce their name, surname and date of birth, except the contestants participating in the oldest age category, for whom is enough to say the full name.

How is determined the age category for duets, chamber ensemble, choirs and orchestras?

For DUETS, ENSEMBLES, ORCHESTRAS and CHOIRS (without the accompanist), age category is determined by the average age of the contestants.

Is it allowed to use a playback during the performance of a competitive program?

No, at the time of performance of the competition program are not allowed to use the playback. Only “live” performances are allowed. Using the playback allowed only in the nomination “Pop-jazz singing”.


When and how can I get a diploma of my participation?

Administration sends diplomas to all participants by post, immediately at the end of the competition (after Masters Final) at address of musical institution which contestant indicated in the online application on native language. The full address includes:country, city, zip code, region, street, house number and the name of the music institution. Contestants who do not represent a music institution (the oldest category) receive a diploma at their home address.

If letter with diploma does not find the destination, it comes back. In that case, administration at the request of the contestant sends diploma again only from 5 to 15 September.

If for some reason you do not receive a diploma until September 5, contact the organizer via: