BALALAIKA – Rules 2020


Article 1.

Association of pedagogues of elementary and high music schools of Serbia and production center MIR Production (hereinafter refer to as organizer), organizes INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION – Belgrade, Serbia (hereinafter refer to as competition). Competition takes place entirely over the Internet. 


Article 2.

Competition is held by the Rules of participation, which is proposed by expert council, and is to be adopted by Assembly of the Association.


Article 3.

Right of participation is given to all competitors from all the countries in the world. 


Article 4.

Competition program is consisted of two compositions. Participants compete in categories according to the age and program is to be performed by heart and completely.

Contestants can perform with only one accompanist. Total duration of the video recording is limited:



DUO (two similar instruments)

Duos are not obligated to perform compositions by heart.



In the category “Student – teacher” the age group is determined by the age of the student.


Article 5.

For the premier performance or performance of non-catalogued composition, it is necessary to deliver scores of such composition using electronic mail.


Article 6.

Competitive video recording must comply with following conditions:

Recommendations for video recording


Article 7.

Registration is to be done exclusively through electronic means. During entering the website competitor sends documents as follows:

* Total maximum size of all files – 100 MB

** Detailed instructions for OnLine application 


Article 8.

For foreign competitors, registration fee:

 Commission and the transaction costs, pays contestant. 

For foreign competitors мore details about payment in EUROS and DOLLARS on THIS PAGE.


Article 9.

Competition is held every year and applying from 15th of February and not later then 15th of April. Until April 20th, video recording of the competition performance will be placed on the website and on the 30th of April, results of the Jury will be announced for each competition category.


Article 10.

Competitor’s application for each category individually will be reviewed and determined for compliance with Rules by the person authorized by Organizer.


Article 11.

By participation in competition, competitors automatically disown the right for any material (financial) remuneration regarding eventual publication and distribution of music video recordings on CD and DVD publications and Internet.


Article 12.

Work of the Jury is regulated by special Rules. Jury members are to be elected out of renowned music pedagogues, as well as performing artists, conductors and chamber musicians. All Jury decisions are final and irrevocable.


Article 13.

Competitors are qualified according to the average grade point of evaluations by the Jury:

Number of awards (prizes) is not limited.


Article 14.

Competitor, who won first prize, with the best placement in competition discipline will be awarded with Diploma Internet Music Champion of the World.

In case if several competitors-soloists in the category have same number of points, advantage will be given to younger competitor. In case if several competitors in the different categories have same number of points, final decision on the placement will be brought by the Jury.


Article 15.

Participant who is awarded with Diploma “Internet Music Champion of the World” participates in Masters Finals. Jury selects Absolute Winner of Master Finals, i.e. absolute winner of all competition disciplines and the entire competition.


Article 16.

Fund of prizes from Association:


Fund of prizes from MIR Production  totaling $ 2,000 will be distributed among the elected members of Masters Final and PREMIO. The prize fund consists of the following awards:

MIR Production reserves the right distribution of the prize pool.              


Article 17.

After all nominations of competition are finished, Diplomas  will be sent on May 9th through regular mail to the institution administration.


Article 18.

In case of dispute between Organizer and competitors, provisions of Serbian text will prevail.


Article 19.

By applying for the competition, participants automatically accept conditions from previous provisions of these Rules.