Nadezhda Pakulova (Shaoguan, China)

Faculty of Piano Department for Shaoguan University, Guangdong, China


Nadezhda Pakulova, laureate of international piano competitions, graduated from the Novosibirsk State Conservatory. Nadezhda studied music at the age of five and her parents noticing her talent enrolled her in a reputed Music School. On graduation she moved on to Chopin College of Music, and later at the Novosibirsk Conservatory.

During her studies, Nadezhda participated in piano and chamber music concerts, repeatedly performed as a soloist with Irkutsk Symphony Orchestra and as a jazz aficionado partook as jazz pianist in festivals.

After successful graduation from the conservatory, Nadezhda worked as an accompanist at the faculty of ‘Choral Conductors’ and Novosibirsk Theatre Institute and then received an invitation to become as an ‘accompanist’ at the Irkutsk Musical Theatre, where she worked five theatrical seasons.

Alongside Nadezhda as a soloist at the Irkutsk Philharmonic,formed a duet “Concertino” with Violinist Anna Varutina and performed in many cities of Russia and abroad, gaining recognition in the International Chamber Music circuit .Nadezhda also taught at the Children’s Art School and at the “Jazzway” jazz studio. Her students under her tutelage won many awards at Russian and International Piano Competitions.

Nadezhda Pakulova made rich contributions as Faculty Member of Piano Department for a decade in Xiangnan & later at Shaoguan University where she is currently associated with since 2018. Teaching in China provided her with an unique opportunity,challenges and opened new vistas in confluence with rich Chinese culture and pedagogy.. Over the years, Nadezhda has to her credit grooming students for concerts ,competitions and admission to conservatories in different countries. She continues to be active in the concert scene.

In 2013, Nadezhda took part in the most prestigious piano competition in China “Golden Bell” and won an Award and in 2013-14 she took part in literary and photo competitions among foreign teachers in China and came out with flying colours.
In 2014, Nadezhda was conferred the title of “The Favorite Foreign Teacher of Chinese Students” by the State Department for International Development and Professional Exchange in Beijing. The Mayor of Chenzhou decorated Nadezhda with a Certificate of Gratitude for her significant contribution to the cultural development of the city.

In 2020, Nadezhda won her Award in the “Earth and Sky”online piano competition held at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.
Apart from Russia and China, she also performed and taught masterclasses in Malaysia and India.

Nadezhda has honed her skills in Chinese music also and plays on some of Chinese musical instruments such as Dongxiao,Hulusi, & also Guzheng in which she earned professional competence.

Nadezhda considers it a great honour work as Member of the Jury of this “World Open Online Music Competition” and sends her greetings and best wishes to all the participants.