Results for POP – JAZZ SINGING 2019


Member of the jury for the category of Pop-Jazz singing – Sergej Rupreht (Maribor, Slovenia)

Dear competitors and you professors,

Congratulations all on your achievements. You all gave your best. I was surprised to see and hear so many great singers.

Singing is a talent. But talent alone is not everything. Every talent is developed with hard work. Your all have proven to yourself, that if you work very hard for something, there is also a good result as a reward.

There were also some mistakes. But we are only human. A great proffesor of singing, maestro Richard Miller, once said to me: “The only person, who will never make a mistake on the stage is the one, who is affraid to go on stage.” But we must and we can learn from that and work hard to improve ourselves.
Try to learn from the best. Try to merge together great passion with great singing technique.
Continue with the hard work and always remember all the love and happiness you felt, when you first discovered your voice.


Sandra Susnjic (Valletta, Malta),  teacher of the La Voix School or Performing Arts

Dear participants, teachers and parents,

It is my privilege to extend a heartfelt and warm thank you to everybody involved in making this year’s Competition such a great success!

The list of thanks is very long, as the Competition is a result of an amazing and unique cooperative spirit, within the proud and beautiful landscape of music life in Poland, USA, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Malta.

The Competition is very lucky to be surrounded and helped forward by many parties: great organization team, distinguished jury members, many, many amazing singers and our enthoustiastic and supportive audience!

It is remarkable that the Competition is absolutely transparent, that there is an opportunity to hear your rivals and see where you are and what can be improved. Those who wish to sing always find a song. 

Keep shining!  With sincere respect and hope to hear from you next year!


Andrea Stamenkovic (Belgrade, Serbia), teacher of the Russian Music School «S.V. Rachmaninov», Master Blaster — the first school for pop and rock in Belgrad

Dear our competitors, congratulations on the participation and success achieved at the International Music Comprtition – Belgrade, Serbia, 2019.

I would like to thank all the pedagogues for their efforts, and I would especially like to thank the organizers of this competition who raise new standards year after year and bring people from all over the world!

With those contestants they showed love for music, invested a lot of effort and are on the right path to become professionals in the world of music.

As in any competition, there were also mistakes, which should be addressed for further professional development.

It is important to note that every competition is a big challenge, especially when it comes to online competition. It’s one thing to show talent, emotions and techniques live, and quite different to transfer it to video!

Enjoy what you do, show your emotions, and the effort you make will be seen and eventually paid off.