Alexey Kudryashov – the absolute winner


The winner of the Masters final and absolute winner of International Music Competition 2011 – Belgrade, Serbia became ALEXEY KUDRYASHOV (piano), student Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (Moscow, Russia), class of Vera Gornostaeva.

ALEXEY KUDRYASHOV was born on April, 5, 1988 in Moscow.

Since 4,5 years studied at Musical School  №3 of N.J.Mjaskovsky in class of Gruzdeva Olga Alekseevna.

1995 – the winner of 3 premium of the Moscow competition of young pianists.

1997 – the winner of 2 premium of Open International competition of soloists – instrumentalists « Nikolay Rubinshtejn and Moscow composer school ».

1997 – the winner of 2 premium of television competition « Young musicians of Moscow ».

1998 – the winner of the Moscow International Festival of young pianists of G.Neyhauz.

1996, 1998 – the winner of 4 and 6 Moscow festivals of memory J.Flier.

1999 – the winner of the grant of A.Skryabin.

2000 – the winner of festival « Days of Beethoven in Moscow ».

Since 2000 – the participant of concerts of the International welfare fund of V.Spivakov.

2001 – the winner of 1 premium 4 All-Russia youthful competitions of pianists of V.Safonov in Pyatigorsk.

2001 – the winner of the Presidential grant « Gifted children of Russia ».

In 2002 has acted in the Moscow State Collage of F.Chopin in a class of professor Naumov L.N. 

In 2002 and in 2004 participated in Festivals of music of A.Skryabin in Paris.

In 2004 became the winner of 1 premium of the International competition of the pianists organized by Russian conservatory of A.Skryabin in Paris.

In 2004 participated in festival of music of F.Chopin and A.Skryabin in Warsaw.

In 2005 participated in festivals «Kawai» and «Rheingau Musik Festival» in Germany. 

Since September is engaged in a class of the senior lecturer Diev A. B. 

Since 2005 the grant-aided student of fund of M.L.Rostropovich. In November became the winner of competition-festival N.A.Alekseev devoted to the 165-anniversary from birthday of P.I.Chajkovsky.

In 2006 in Berlin participated in a concert devoted to the 15-anniversary of seminars between Moscow and Berlin. Has written down a disk with works of Chopin, Rakhmaninov and Skryabin. In Washington DC (USA) participated in a concert devoted to memory of A.N.Skryabin. Has finished collage of F.Chopin. Has acted in the Moscow State Conservatory of P.I.Chaykovsky in  class of Diev A.B.

Since September, 2007 is engaged in a class of professor Nasedkin A.A.

In 2008 became the winner of the all-Russian competition « Young talents of Russia ».

In 2009 participated in festival « To the 110-anniversary of Fransis Poulenc’s birthday » in Moscow, won the 3 place and a special prize « Best american performance» of «Jose Iturbi music competition» in Los Angeles, the USA.

Since september 2010 he is a student in class of professoe Vera Gornostaeva.

2011 – Grand Prize winner of Maria Yudina international competition in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 1-st prize in piano and duo section of International Music Competition 2011 Belgrade, Serbia, as well as he is absolute winner of this competition!

Gives concerts in Russia and abroad (in Moscow, in Kostroma, in Velikiy Novgorod, in Fukuoka in Japan, in Paris, in Berlin, Krefeld, Essen, Braunlage, Hannover, Munich, Yohannesberg in Germany, Vienna, Salzburg in Austria, Velletry in Italy, Washington DC in the USA, etc.).

In repertoir of the pianist works of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Schuman, List, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Debussy, Chaykovsky, Skriabin, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, etc.

Reviews of Kudryashov’s concerts were in magazines «Musical life», «Music and time», in newspapers «The Musical review» (Russia), in the newspaper « Russian idea » (France), «Rheinische Post», «Wiesbadener Tagblatt» (Germany), internet newspaper of Salzburg «DrehPunktKultur» (Austria).

«Possessing a soft, melodious sound, Alexey Kudryashov plastically build the form of the composition, to fascinate by dramatic culminations. He plays naturally, without false pathos. His playing is harmonious and romantic», magazine «Music and time»(Russia), 1/2007.

«About technical skill at such level it is not necessary to speak, it is subordinated to the purposes of interpretation», the Internet-newspaper of Salzburg (Austria) “DrehPunktKultur”.