Detailed instructions for online application


If you can not send the application, then feel free to contact organizers via Viber, Messenger, WatsApp, Skype /MusicCompetition/ or e-mail:

More information on how to fill the column „The name of institution and adress“

When completing the online application, make sure that you provide your full address (institution name, street, house number, postal code, city, country).

• Аddress of the institution:

Music School №1, Carstennstrasse, 11 D-11111 Berlin, Germany

Only contestants from of the older categories if they want can indicate their home address to send the diploma.

More information on how to fill the column „Birth date“:

For musical groups in this category, you can specify any one date and year of birth.

More information on how to fill the column „Surname and name/ensemble“:

When filling in this column write the exact name and surname/name ensemble in English. In the diploma will be written information from this column.

Please specify the exact email address, phone, Skype, and organizer, if it is necessary, will be able to contact you.