The impression of your performance will largely depend on the quality of video, there are some advices:

1. Do not use the digital zoom. Better to put a device for video recording at a short distance.
2. If you’re making video on a mobile device (phone, tablet …), then you should place it only in horizontal position.
3. Recommended to place a device for video recording on a tripod to avoid blurry images.
4. Try to avoid unwanted noise during recording (the sounds behind the scenes, and etc.)
5. Do not put the artist in front of a bright light source (such as a window).
6. Do not use optical effects (sepia, fast shooting, b / w photo, etc.)
7. Camera has to be directed to the artist, it must be on the foreground of the image.
8. Do not edit your video and do not make it from several pieces of videos.
9. Is allowed to use an external microphone (wireless microphone, stereo microphone..).

If your original video does not comply with the format, the size of the video file, you can
use free software to convert video recordings in Internet.


The video recording must be in Mp4 format!

To properly prepare video format we recommend that you use the following simple instructions:

  1. Open the link to the site of online converter to convert
  2. Click on the button Open file.

3. New window will open for you to select the file. Select the video presentation and click Open.

4. The file will start to download to the site of the video converter. Wait for it to fully load!

5. After the video is  fully load, select the format and resolution, exactly as shown in the picture below

( mp4 format and resolution of 480p)

6. Click the button Convert. Begin the process of conversion. At the end of which you will be shown a link to download the finished video.

7. Click Download and save the video on your computer.