Szymon Pikulski


The absolute winner in the Trumpet nomination and participant of the Masters Final 2022 is Szymon Pikulski, class of Mariusz Pikulski, Poznańska Ogólnokształcąca Szkoła Muzyczna II st. im. M.Karłowicza, Polska!

In competition MASTERS FINAL 2022 competed 28 competitors from 13 countries (Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Armenia, Latvia, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia, Japan, Uzbekistan, Switzerland).

According to good tradition, the organizer of the competition distributed the prize fund, awarded Szymon Pikulski a cash prize and thereby partially, symbolically helped him study at a music academy abroad, in Malmo, Sweden

Szymon Pikulski

“I am very honoured to receive this prize. This is a great help for me while I am studying in the music academy abroad here in Malmö, Sweden. I am sending big thank you towards the organizers of the World Open Online Music Competition!”.

Dear Simon, our organizational team wishes you to realize all your creative plans for studying abroad! We are sure that the new country, language, people will give you a lot of new, quality ideas that will be a springboard in your further musical career. May the audience always greet you with big sincere applause and call for an encore, and the trumpet will be your faithful friend for a long time!

Szymon Pikulski

Malmö is the largest city in the Swedish county (län) of Scania (Skåne). It is the third-largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm and Gothenburg,

The Malmö Metropolitan Region is home to over 700,000 people, and the Öresund Region, which includes Malmö and Copenhagen, is home to 4 million people.

The city contains many historic buildings and parks, and is also a commercial centre for the western part of Skåne County.

Malmö has a mild climate for the latitude and, normally, average high temperatures remain above freezing in winter, with prolonged snow cover being rare.

European Association of Music Educators and Performers & Producer Agency MIR Production with such a distribution of the prize fund helps talented young musicians, some of the winners of the WORLD OPEN MUSIC COMPETITION in promoting their music career, professional growth and opens for them new horizons in the music world.