Percussion - 2023 year

In competition PERCUSSION 2022 competed 41 competitors from 7 countries (Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, China, Latvia, Switzerland). Really registered, real competitors! The musical talent parade continues on our site!

The absolute winner in the discipline PERCUSSION 2022 and MASTERS FINAL, i.е. absolute winner of all competitive disciplines and the entire competition – Sattarov Khodzhiakbar, class Valentin Korotkov (accompanist: Yana Nizametdinova) from Uzbekistan State Counservatory, Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

In competition PERCUSSION 2021 competed 58 competitors from 9 countries (Poland, Russia, Uzbekistan, Slovenia, India, Hungary, Panama, Germany, Taiwan). Really registered, real competitors!

In competition PERCUSSION 2020 competed 26 competitors from 9 countries (Slovenia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria). Really registered, real competitors!