Goara Lazić (Sabac, Serbia)

Music High School «Mihailo Vukobratović»


GOARA NONNA LAZIC — representative of the Russian piano school. An expert with more than 30 years of work experience in the field of music education.

She was educated in the Soviet Union. She graduated from the eleven-year specialized music school for talents in the city of Odessa. Graduated from the National Academy of Music in Odessa and received qualifications: concert performer, pedagogue, chamber ensemble soloist, accompanist.
She began her teaching career as a student at the music school at the state academy.

In 1992, she moved to Serbia and worked in a secondary music school in Šabac, where she developed her personal pedagogical method based on the best tradition of piano schools.

2005 — works in Slovenia and after some time continues teaching in Serbia.

The collection of diplomas of Goara Lazic and her students is rich with significant numerous awards from national and international competitions in the country and abroad (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, France, Macedonia, Israel, Austria, Italy).

She raised a constellation of talented students and all her high school students continue their education at Music Academies. Today, they work all over Serbia and abroad, many of them also perform concert activities.
She held master classes in Serbia, Macedonia and a seminar in Slovenia.

In addition to her pedagogical work, she also participated in the work of the jury at numerous competitions in Serbia and abroad.

The original initiator of the competition in Šabac, which has a tradition of 27 years and which has grown into an international competition, where she is a permanent member of the organizing committee, and in 2020 she performed the function of artistic director.

Goara Lazic winner of the award from the Association of Music and Ballet Schools for years of results and investment in musical talents in 2003.