Ludmila Meltzer Yarov (Costa Rica)


Instituto Superior de Artes, Costa Rica

Ludmila Meltzer Yarov is a pianist with more than forty years of experience in her musical career. She started her professional musical training in her native country, Kyrgyzstan where she completed formal training at primary and secondary music school. After graduating high school, she continued her passion completing a bachelor’s degree, and pursued her postgraduate studies at the M. I. Glinka Conservatory in the city of Gorky. Ludmila’s piano teachers and mentors include M.I.Peisacov,I.R.Shejtmaniuc, M.G.Burshtin, B.S.Maranz and H. Neuhaus who was one of the most distinguished pianists, pedagogue, and founders of the world’s pianistic culture.

As a concert pianist, Meltzer has a vast repertoire that includes music from a diverse variety of genres and styles. Her teaching career started at the Higher Institute of Arts in Kirghizia. She has written and published several scientific and methodological articles and has also presented speeches at musical conferences.

Her vast experience in playing contemporary music presented her with the opportunity to participate in a Composers Association which primary goal was the selection of the finest musical works for publication.
Along with solo piano presentations, she has also performed as an accompanist in the State Philharmonic and in many other piano and artistic performances in Kyrgyzstan and around many regions of the USSR.

Her piano experience was also strengthened by her work at the State Radio and Television Committee, where she performed as a pianist on numerous recordings and as a radio presenter of educational programs.

From 1993 to 1998 she lived in Israel, where she took the opportunity to get to know and understand more deeply the musical culture and traditions of this country.

Since 1998 Ludmila Meltzer lives and works in Costa Rica, where she continues her musical career participating in multiple piano events and presentations in Costa Rica and in many other countries such as Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and USA where she has presented with her piano students in the cities of New York, Washington, Miami, Michigan, and Los Angeles.

Meltzer is also a piano professor at the School of Music of the National University of Costa Rica and has been part of a team of piano teachers who have promoted «a small great revolution» (Diaz) in the field of music as a result of instructing generations of pianists-concert artists. In this process, more than 800 winners and laureates of national and international festivals and competitions have been prepared and instructed.

Throughout her career, she has received numerous awards including the V. Spivakov International Music Festival (Moscow), the American Fine Arts Festival (Kostroma, St. Petersburg, Moscow), the American Protégé Piano Competition (New York), the Interlochen Concerto Competition (Michigan), theBartok-Kabalevsky-Prokofiev International Piano Competition (Roanaoke), the international Slavic music competition (France),the international Valentino Bucchy Competition (Italy), the Young Soloists of Costa Rica and the Music of the Century award (Lithuania-Costa Rica), among others.