Comments Jury 2014


INNA SHEGAY Comments in nomination “Chamber ensemble“

I was trying to be objective and not too rigorous, as I understand how much is music a serious work! General level is high, if we consider that many of children are not professionals, but are engaged in music with love! I am gratitude to all children and theirs pedagogues, who are giving a lot of strength, time and soul on playing music!!!

OLGA BER Comments in nomination “Duo“

All congratulations with the end of contest in the nomination “Duo”. Worth noting that I was more pleased with the participants from older age groups. Many performance was bright, variety in dynamics and colors. I heard that musicians enjoy playing together.. Especially memorable was ensemble from Tashkent – Jamshid Saydkarimov (cello) and Artem Pak (piano). Very bright, gorgeous ensemble, varied in colors and images performance! Well done, guys!

All participants, especially young ensemblists, we wish to think more about the imaginative side of performance, about the variety of sound palette, dynamics. I wish you great creative achievements and inspiration!”

OLGA BER Comments in nomination “Chamber ensemble“ “

Dear participants, I congratulate you on the excellent results of your performances! Lots of bright ensembles I heard. Thank you! Most striking impression left two of the ensemble: “Creative Quintet” from Poland and “Novosibirsk classical trio“. Also, I want to notice and concertmaster arranger Kurlapova Marina of the ensemble “Magic flute” from Yekaterinburg. I wish participants of large ensembles – the purity of intonation. I would like more careful and attentive attitude to sound, its beauty and expressiveness. Some ensembles did not have enough detailed elaboration the author’s text.

Once again, congratulations to all and wish you further success and victory! “

RIMMA BOLSHAKOVA Comments in nomination “Piano ensemble“

Competition… Contest… There are always winners and defeated… And I truly want to believe that Children Competition is a festival. Festival od talent, work, inspiration. But often it isn’t a festival for everyone… Our Competition is exception! How many talented children, pedagogues, excellent organization! As a member of jury in nomination “Piano ensemble“ I have listened 94 (!) ensembles from various Musical schools and colleges from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan. I am happy to notice that year in year out a level of professionalism is rising, in programs there are more and more classic repertoires, and number of contestans from various cities, many of whom are not well known, is increasing too. That is great! I would like to notice children who have made the biggest impression: Khabarovsk: Saprigina Natalya – Soshnikova Aleksandra Nasnikova Kristina – Soshnikova Anastasiya

Smolensk: Kurchakova Viktoriya – Makarova Angelina Kozhekina Olga – Kodola Anastasiya Kozhekina Olga – Limoncev Daniil

Karaganda: Koval Elisei – Koval Ilya

Krasnoyarsk: Yamskih Mariya – Sivirina Kseniya

Minsk: Stralkovskiy Savva – Stralkovskiy Boris

Engels: Ilinich Anastasiya – Ovchinnikova Veronika

Cherkasy: Shkirova Anna – Lukyanenko Elizaveta

Ivanovo: Churilova Elena – Dzhishkariani Kristina Kondratenko Vlada – Maksimova Alina

Novosibirsk: Titenko Mariya – Elisova Polina Degtyareva Margarita – Ovcharenko Anna

Nizhnevartovsk: Lapkovskaya Irina – Vlasyuk Dmitri

Well done!!! I believe that Internet Music Competition will continue it’s work many many years and give us opportunity to hear more wonderful children, loving music and mastering the difficult profession of MUSICIAN. Many thanks to all, to organizers, contestants and their pedagogues for the festival they have given to us!!!!

ALEXEY RALO Comments in nomination “Percussion”

All ratings are high, because a level of competitors is very good. It is very difficult for me to single out any of them, as they are practically equally good. I want to notice not only the work of competitors, but also the work of their pedagogues and concertmasters. I like work of Knyazeva V. Well done! He has exhibited his class very good. Verishko Andrey has presented an contemporary program from N. Zhivkovich’s piece, who is very popular modern percussion composer. Pushnoy Yuriy has performed by himself and also has presented his students. This is very good quality for pedagogue. His class has great prospect.

I am very pleased to evaluate talented people and their work. If you have any question for me, send it to my e-mail. This is the essential principle of all European prestigious international contests, when a member of jury can explain all his arguments in evaluating competitors.

ALEKSANDAR BENCIC Comments in nominations: “Trombone”, “Trumpet”, “Tube”, “French horn”

International competition is a great opportunity for contestants from all over the world to introduce and show their level of playing, to represent their schools and countries. During evaluation, I was trying to take into account contestants age, how difficult is program for that age, quality of tone and musicality. Their love for instrument can be heard from every tone and I want to congratulate to all contestants and their professors and accompanists on effort and dedication to music. It was pleasure for me to be a member of jury of this competition, because it gave me incredible opportunity to hear achievement of brass instruments schools from other countries, especially of trombone school.

GOARA LAZIC Comments in nomination “Piano”

I want to congratulate to all contestants on awards and prizes they won on this unique and perspective competition. I think that this competition has many advantages for participants:

– lack of negative stress

– possibility to send video they are the most pleased with

– review of all participants

– massive monitoring of the competition over the internet

It was great honor to be again a member of jury this year. I have listened over 400 candidates with care and attention and I was trying to be benevolent and to evaluate professionalism in all categories depend on age. I am very pleased to notice that number of talented children is increasing thanks to devotion of their professors.

I would love to single out some of participants and their professors that made significant impression on me:

Koval Yelisey, Kasakhstan, I category Kutuzova Varvara, Moscow, V category Hairudinov Bladislav, Kharkov (Ukraine), IX category Misel Bednarz, Poland, X category

I wish all participants to proceed with their success, progress and dedication.

NATASA MITROVIC Comments in nomination “Piano”

As a member of the jury for Piano contest I must say that I was thrilled to take part in it and to listen all candidates from category XI to XV from Russia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Belorusia,Ukraine,Kamcatka, Portugal. All of these musicians are very devoted to the music, they played with great enthusiasm and positive energy.

I was very pleased to hear high professional level in many performances, congratulations for all! Also, I congratulate to the organisators of the competition! Good vibrations and great love to the music are the essence of this competition.

I wish you all a lot of success in the future!