Payment of fees



PayPal is the most reliable and profitable way of international transfers. Easy to open Through PayPal you can make a transfer. 

If you are not registered, you can transfer the contribution through another person registered on PayPal. 

PayPal payment example:

The transfer amount (€ 28 or 33) includes the PayPal transfer fee! 

All contestants receive diplomas electronically and a certificate for scholarship electronically (upon request) at no additional cost. All teachers receive letters of thanks and certificates (upon request) electronically at no additional cost.

To send diplomas with a “wet seal” in postal service, you must pay an additional 5 euros for the entry fee:

Applications with incomplete payment of the fee for participation will not be accepted.

You can pay the fee at:


If several competitors are applying for the competition, then they could make payments together on one bank receipt, to avoid unnecessary costs for the transfer!

If payment is made on one receipt for more participants then you should scan form from the bank (on which should be written all the names from the contestants who made co-payments) and attach it to each application.



When paying to the foreign currency account of the competition VIA the BANK, the commission fee is about 10 euros!

When paying to the competition currency account by CARD VIA ONLINE BANK, the bank’s commission fee is 5 euros.

Example of payment by card:


The currency account of the competition for the euro transfer will be published on this page on 15 May. For now, you can only pay through PayPal.