Detailed instructions for application


Max size of all the files (Video recording in MP4 format, Scanned Birth certificate, document on registration fee payment) is  up to 100MB (100,000,000 bytes)


Send application

Do not leave blank headings and headings where there is no answer, write any letter.

When all the headings have been filled, and attached files, click “Send” and you will see process of administering of the application. When the application will be complete  you will see success message.

Immediately after sending the application, you will receive a letter to the e-mail address specified in the application that the application has been sent successfully!

During 48 hours your competitive video recording will be posted on your nomination PARTICIPANTS

If you can not send the application, then feel free to contact organizers. Open the link: CONTACT


More information on how to fill the column “Birth date”

For musical groups in this category, you can specify any one date and year of birth.


More information on how to fill the column “Surname and name/ensemble”

When filling in this column, write the exact name and surname / ensemble in English or your native language.

Competitors from Asian countries fill out a complete aplication form (only one application) entry in both English and their native language!

In the diploma will be written information from this column.


Please specify the exact email address, phone, and organizer, if it is necessary, will be able to contact you.