Certificate for portfolio


For teachers, musical institutions who need additional confirmation document (certificate) of participation in the International INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION – Belgrade, Serbia administration will sent it (by your request) after the 9th May till the 10th of September.

1. Download attachment below (certificate form to fill in Microsoft Word format)

2. Fill in the table with data (data from Results on the competition website)

3. Send certificate form with your data by e-mail to organizer 

The administration of the competition will check the data in this form and stamped it and send scanned document (Black – white) to your email address.

Scanned certificates will be sent to your email address:

This certificate can be used for your portfolio.

Diploma – Certificate 2019

Certificate for portfolio PIANO

Certificate for portfolio VIOLIN

Certificate for portfolio ACCORDION-BAYAN

Certificate for portfolio GUITAR

Certificate for portfolio FLUTE

Certificate – more details, other instruments