Prize fund – Maria Korzeniowska


In 2016 for some of the participants of INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION – Belgrade, Serbia 2016. production center MIR Production  identified prize fund. One of the receivers became participant from Poland absolute winner in the nomination “Guitar” and a participant of the Masters Final – MARIA KORZENIOWSKA.

As a prize, organizers gave her the opportunity to participate in the Jel Musicales de Lahontan (France) in Master Class at world known guitarist Pierre Bibault  We also express our gratitude to Pierre Bibault (member of the jury in our competition) for allowing Mari, free participation in the Master class, as part of Prize fund.

Prize fund - Maria Korzeniowska

We bring you the impressions of Maria Korzeniowska:

Les Musicales de Lahontan- master class which took place in a lovely country town on the south of France – Lahontan, was a great experience for me.

Lessons conducted by a great guitarist – Pierre Bibault taught me a lot and they widened my musical horizons. Learning from this kind of musician is something priceless and I’m very grateful that I had this great opportunity to experience it.

The whole event lasted for a week and during this week there were two concerts. One was a concert of Duo  Résonances  and the second one was a concert of the participants of the Master class.

Both took place in a beautiful, natural scenery. The audience was very enthusiastic, so it was a pleasure to play for them.

Prize fund - Maria Korzeniowska

In addition to the musical value of this Master class, it was a great opportunity to learn a lot about French culture, taste amazing and delicious french and Basque food, sightsee the exceptionally beautiful views of the region, les Pyyrenees-Atlantiques and le Pays Basque on the south of France.

The great people that I met there will stay in my memory and my heart for a long, long time! Thank you once again for this great prize! (Maria Korzeniowska)


The town of Lahontan is located in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques of the French region Aquitaine. Aquitaine situated in the southwestern part of Metropolitan France, along the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range on the border with Spain.           

Prize fund - Maria Korzeniowska

Aquitaine was a traditional region of France, and was an administrative region of France. Pyrénées-Atlantiques of the French region Aquitaine.

Prize fund - Maria Korzeniowska

Mir Production with such a distribution of the prize fund helps talented young musicians, participants of the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION – Belgrade, Serbia 2016. In promoting their music career, professional growth and opens for them new horizons in the music world.