Article 1.

Constitution, number and schedule of Jury members of competition disciplines and categories will be selected by Assembly of the The European Association of Music Educators and Performers (hereinafter refer to as: Association) on the proposition of experts committee.


Article 2.

Jury members will be selected out of renowned music educators, as well as performing artists, conductors and chamber musicians.


Article 3.

Jury is consisted of at least 3 members for each competition discipline. 


Article 4.

President of the Jury is obligated, after obtaining final list of sum points from jury members for particular competition discipline, to check if evaluation from each member has been carried out according to the Rules on the work of Jury and, in cases of discrepancy, i.e. if president finds irregularities, to timely intervene.


Article 5.

Members of the Jury are obligated to:


Article 6.

The Secretary of the Jury is obligated:


Article 7.

Minute from final meeting of the Organizational committee is conducted by the secretary of the Association, who will enter all significant information and decisions made by the Organizational committee.


Article 8.

Electronic individual specimens – individual point list of the participants is consisted of:


Electronic shared, collective specimens – common scorecard participants include:


Article 9.

Jury members evaluate participants with points, from 65 to 100. Jury member will send individual electronic point list onto official e-mail address of the Organizer after finishing of evaluation of competition discipline.


Article 10.

It is allowed to exceed the time of competitive video recording in all categories up to one minute. If the time exceeds one minute, the jury will coordinate its actions with the organizer.


Article 11.

For the premier performance or performance of non-catalogued composition, it is necessary to deliver music scores of such composition using electronic mail.


Article 12.

Jury member does not evaluate the candidate whom he is relative with, or if there is relation teacher – pupil. Instead jury member, such candidate will be evaluated by his associate.


Article 13.

Competitors are qualified according to the average grade point of evaluations by the Jury. Number of awards (prizes) is not limited.

GOLD AWARDLAUREATE FIRST PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who wins 90 – 100 points.

Participant’s performance level:

Performance level: GRANDE PERFORMER (99 – 100),

Performance level: CONCERT PERFORMER (96 – 98,99),

Performance level: VIRTUOSO PERFORMER (93 – 95,99),

Performance level: EXCELLENT PERFORMER (90 – 92,99).


SILVER AWARD/ LAUREATE SECOND PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who wins 80 – 89,99 points.

Performance level: EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMER (85 – 89,99),

Performance level: PROMISING PERFORMER (80 – 84,99).


BRONZE AWARD/ LAUREATE THIRD PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who wins 70 – 79,99 points.



DIPLOMA – is to be awarded to the competitor who wins 65 – 69,99 points.


Article 14.

Soloist, duet, chamber ensemble, orchestra or choir with the best placement in the category (all three seasons), which simultaneously won first prize, will be awarded with Diploma Online Music Champion of the World.

In case if several competitors – soloists in the category have same number of points, advantage will be given to younger competitor. In case if several participants in the different categories have the same number of points (without correction of points – Article 6, point 5), final decision on the placement the absolute winner in the nomination will be brought by the Jury.

In case if several duets, chamber ensembles, orchestras or choirs in their category or in the different categories have the same number of points (without correction of points – Article 6, point 5), final decision on the placement will be brought by the Jury.


Article 15.

Participant who is awarded with Diploma Online Music Champion of the World participates in Masters Finals.

In Masters Final, in addition to the absolute winner of the nomination (solo nomination), another contestant (soloist or ensemble) may participate on the recommendation of the jury members (in agreement with the organizer).

Participants of Masters Final are divided on two age categories: “Junior” – till 18 years old and “Senior” – after 18 years old. Jury selects Absolute Winner of Master Finals, i.e. absolute winner of all competition disciplines and the entire competition on December 25th.


Article 16.

The prize fund totaling $ 5.000 will be distributed among selected participants of MASTERS FINAL and GRAND FINAL (MASTER – PREMIO category).

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State and public institutions, enterprises and individuals, in agreement with the organizers may award special prizes.

MIR Production reserves the right distribution of the prize pool.


Article 17.

Jury decisions are final and irrevocable.


Article 18.

By applying for the competition, participants automatically accept conditions from previous provisions of these Rules.