Camilla Choi


CAMILLA CHOI (6 years) in the class of Quang Hong Luu from Chatswood, Sydney, Australia performed with great success in our piano competition !

Quang Hong Luu is a piano teacher, skillfully selecting the repertoire and using individual methods, reveals more and more facets of his student’s talent !!

A remarkably selected repertoire allowed Camille’s piano skills to show with particular brightness and sophistication. Truly, Camilla shone on stage with exciting energy, delightful charisma, deep lyricism and grace of melodic intonations !!!

Camilla Choi

Camilla from a young age began to pursue a serious career. She has more than 50,000 subscribers on Instagram, and YouTube already has its own audience of fans:

Youtube: Camilla Choi
Instagram: Camilla Choi 

How your talent is revealed and your artistic potential is expanding !!! We are very happy about your success! We wish our bright and talented performer great creative success !!! Bravo!!!!