Costa Rica


Since its inception, since 2010, a large number of bright and talented musicians have participated in our competition. Many of them participate annually and delight music lovers with their wonderful performances. One of such prominent representatives is the contestants from Costa Rica, Instituto Superior de Artes.

The impressive success of the young pianists from the Instituto Superior de Artes, especially in the junior categories (6-11 years old), attracted the attention of the organizers of the competition, who decided to award the piano department.

Instituto Superior de Artes (San Jose, Costa Rica) received the trophy and title:

Best in the piano “Junior” category 2010/2020

Costa Rica

Dear colleagues of the Instituto Superior de Artes (San Jose, Costa Rica)!

We sincerely thank you for your high professionalism and pedagogical talent with which you treat the upbringing of students of your institute! Your sensitive guidance, ability to discern the musical inclinations of children and stimulate their development helped more than one student of your school to open up and achieve success in our competition.

Dear contestants of Instituto Superior de Artes (San Jose, Costa Rica)!

The team of our competition wishes many new victories, creative inspirations and achievements, health, happiness and patience.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of the Central America region, located between two oceans: the Pacific and the Atlantic, which attracts numerous tourists with its rich flora and fauna, crystal streams of mountain waterfalls and picturesque sunny beaches.

Costa Rica

In the capital of Costa Rica, the city of San Jose, in 1996, two professors – Alexander and Tamara Sklutovsky founded the Instituto Superior de Artes, an educational institution whose goal is to train young pianists capable of representing the country at the international level.

Three years later, the first laureates of national and international competitions appeared at the institute. In 1999, for the first time, a student of this educational complex won the Solistas Jóvenes competition and received the right to perform with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica.

To date, the Institute has prepared more than 600 winners of international and national competitions in the USA, England, France, Russia, Serbia, Italy, including: American Protege, American Fine Arts Festival, Tureck International Bach competitoon, The Schubert International Piano competition, Il pianoforte nei XX e XXI secoli per l’infanzia.

Over the past years, 20 students from Costa Rica have become laureates of the prestigious Internacional Música competition, held in the city of Belgrade, Serbia.

Talented children from Costa Rica have performed with symphony orchestras in many cities and countries.

In 2001, the institute signed an agreement with the National University of Costa Rica, which opened a preparatory department for especially gifted children. Professor, Dr. A. Sklyutovsky, who has been heading the department of special piano of this university for more than 20 years, oversees the process of training young musicians. Graduates of the Higher Institute and National University continue their professional development in the largest educational institutions of different countries, and many of them have already received master’s and doctoral degrees.

Ambassadors from Costa Rica study at the Central School of Music in Moscow and the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Russia), Royal Academy of music (England), Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia (Spain), The Juilliard School of Músic, Mannes School of Músic, Berkly College of Músic (USA) etc.

The close-knit teaching staff of the institute: Dr. A. Sklyutovsky, Dr. T. Sklyutovskaya, Dr. L. Monhe, Dr. G. Meza, master L. Melzer, master D. Albuh, teacher V. Tumanova – makes high demands on students and helps them to achieve impressive results in the interpretation of works from the treasury of world musical art and to implement their creative goals.