Diplomas for competitors


The diploma can be used for admission to educational institutions, registration of various scholarships and grants and will become part of your portfolio.

ELECTRONIC DIPLOMAS can be downloaded after the end of each season.


In the results section on THIS PAGE find the serial number of the participant in the table with the results and download the diploma from this page.

Download diplomas in electronic form of the SPRING SEASON (from May 5) HERE


Download the diplomas in electronic form of the SUMMER SEASON (from July 15):


Download diplomas in electronic form AUTUMN SEASON (from January 5):





To send diplomas with a “wet seal” by postal service, you need to pay an additional 5 euros for the entrance fee and fill out a section in the application, with a full, exact postal address MORE

The competition administration sends diplomas to the contestants by mail at the end of each season in all nominations.

You can order a diploma with a “wet seal” within 5 years.



An accurate, complete, reliable address implies: country, city, zip code, region, street, house number and recipient’s name.

The envelope with diplomas shipping time is from 30 to 45 days. All questions about diplomas at