Gidaszewska Karina


prof. dr hab.Gidaszewska Karina (Poznan, Poland)
Akademia Muzyczna im. G. i K.Bacewiczów w Łodzi
Akademia Muzyczna im.I.J.Paderewskiego w Poznaniu
Head of strings section in POSM II st. M. Karlowicza in Poznan


In 2015, in the violin nomination, Gidaszewska Karina students applied to the competition for the first time and immediately demonstrated a high level of professional skills.

In 2015, her students showed outstanding results:

The violin duet Gidaszewska Marta, Łaguniak Robert (99.33 / 100 points) became the absolute winners and representatives of the violin nomination in the Masters Final.

The impressive success of her students attracted the attention of the contest organizers who decided to invite her to be the jury member in the violin category.

Every year, Gidaszewska Karina pleases the Internet audience with outstanding talented students and almost all of her class annually participates in our competition.

Since 2015, several of her students have become absolute winners in the violin category, Masters Final i.e. the whole competition!

Absolute winners of the violin nomination:

2015 year

2016 year

2017 year

2019 year

Gidaszewska Marta

Absolute winners of all nominations compete in the Masters finals and only one becomes the winner of the entire competition.

The absolute winners of the nomination violin, Masters Final i.e. the whole competition:

2016 year

2017 year

2019 year

Over the course of the 5 years, students of Karina Gidaszewska sent to the contest more than 40 videos with a complex concert competition program!

It should be noted that Hannah Holeksa, an excellent accompanist, who did an excellent job with the library of violin music, and was a reliable support for all students!


prof. dr hab.Gidaszewska Karina – a teacher with an amazing soul and extraordinary gift! Her work shows an endless patience, attention and respect for the student’s personality. She has an amazing ability to reveal the deep essence of musical form and means of expression in simple and clear ways. Her caring and demanding attitude to forming and development of the motor skills is outstanding.

Prof. Karina Gidaszewska is highly demanding of herself and her students. She finds a common language with the student quickly, what contributes to the level on which her students are.  Karina creates optimal conditions for the development of a creative personality and individuality for each musician.

She has been a jury member of many international competitions and since 2016, she’s a jury member of our competition as well. With her professional work, attentive and loyal attitude to the contestants she has shown that she is really a great professional!

Dear Karina, the administration of the competition wishes you the brightest cloudless future and the growth of talented students. And, of course, health, strength, patience and new creative inspirations and achievements!