Grannie and granddaughter


Since the very beginning of our competition, the piano teacher Leitass Emma Voldemarovna, annually participated with her talented students and delighted the audience. Her students have always made an impression, consistently taking the highest places in nominations for piano and piano ensembles.

She wrote us a letter a few days ago, in which we learned that she is retiring in a few months, but she is eager to participate in our competition with her granddaughter.

Dear friend! I’ve been participating in your competition for almost ten years, and each year brings the joy of meeting Music, admiration for the high professionalism with which you organize and conduct your competition, and the respect with which you treat each participant in the competition, his creative path. I wish you continued success and the success of your competitors! Good health and all the best to the competition’s organizers, as well as to you and your families!

With heartfelt gratitude and deep admiration.

Ensemble “Music Time” Leitass Emma Voldemarovna (teacher), Dudnik Daria Andreevna (student), Tomsk, Russia

Anton Rubenstein – Nocturne opus 50 in E major
Moritz Mashkovsky – Spanish dance opus 12 no.4


Unexpectedly, we received another letter – from our jury member Rimma Bolshakova, who just assessed their ensemble:

“Can you imagine how small the world is …. This grandmother is from the city and the school where I grew up, studied and graduated)))) My mother worked here. It was very nice to see on the video my own hall and the grand piano, on which I also learned to comprehend the basics of the art of piano!

And I remember Emma Voldemarovna very well – she worked in the next office with ours … Thank you very much for such unexpected pleasant memories. “

Agree, the world is small!

We wish Leitass Emma Voldemarovna, first of all, health and inspiration! She is very lucky to have someone to transfer her skills and love for music!