Li Ye Xuan 李烨轩

Now Performs
  • Disciplin: Viola
  • Teacher: Che Jian 车健
  • Institution, place and country: Che Jian and Xiao Xiang Strings, Chengdu, China 中国成都首席音乐工作室
  • Concertmaster: -
  • State/City: Chengdu, China 中国成都
  • 1.Sonata For viola Solo No.1 Op.25: 1.Breit-Sehr frisch und straff (Paul Hindemith)

    2.12 Fantaise, TWV 40:14-25 (arr. for viola): No.1 in E-Flat Major, TWV 40:14 I. Largo II. Allegro (G.P. Telemann)