Results for PERCUSSION 2019

Dear participants and colleagues!
Came to the finish line next X International Music Competition, Belgrade, Serbia 2019.

Summing up, it should be noted the high level of preparation of the participants of the competition, as well as the complex and interesting artistic programs presented by them.

The geography of the contestants is expanding every year and it is very pleasant that, along with, and this is traditional, with representatives of Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, drummers from Venezuela joined us. This can only indicate that the popularity of our competition in the world is growing steadily.

This year, in almost all nominations, the Uzbek performing school of percussion instruments was widely represented. I enjoyed listening to the performance of young singer M. Kim. This is not the first participation of Maxim in our competition and it is encouraging that his skill in playing percussion instruments is progressing.

It is not excluded that assessments made by jury members may seem to participants a little understated. I think that this is a result of the fact that some young performers chose a very difficult, beyond the years, program and, until they managed to achieve the proper quality of performance.

However, you should not be upset, you got a great experience. competitive preparation and, of course, have become one step higher on the way to the Olympus of musical performing art.

All the best. Creative success.
Alexey Ralo