Results for PERCUSSION 2020


Dear competitors, teachers and accompanist!

I congratulate you on the end of the competitive auditions of the International Competition “International music competition” in the “percussion instruments” nomination. It is gratifying that every year the competition takes on new forms: new categories appear, such as “student-teacher”, “duet”, “percussion ensemble”, and the geography of the contestants covers more and more countries of the European and American continents.

The results of the 2020 contest have shown that contemporary percussion instrument performance is gaining more and more popularity, the repertoire will be replenished with new works for various instruments, and the skill of performers is increasing every year. On the one hand, the competition revealed new bright, talented marimbists, xylophonists, vibraphonists and percussionists, on the other hand, the musicians who take part are not the first time to demonstrate that they are not stopping at what has been achieved and, with each creative competition, improve their performing skills.

Regardless of the results and points obtained, you have already gained great performing experience, which will help you to rise to the next step in your creative development on the way to the huge and beautiful “world of percussion instrument performance”.

Alexey Ralo