Prize Fund – Ivanova Anastasia


In 2014 for some of the participants of International Music Competition 2014 – Belgrade, Serbia production center MIR Production  identified prize fund for nomination Pop – Jazz singing, one of the owners of which became participant from Ukraine (Kharkov) – Anastasia Ivanova.

As a prize, the organizer has given her the opportunity to make a professional photo shoot and a few studio recordings.

Nastia answered some of our questions:

How long have you been singing?
I started singing at age 11, it was 3 years ago. During that time I became a winner of numerous international competitions, including on television. In addition to vocal classes, I like playing guitar and synthesizer. My dream is to have my own songs, I write lyrics and music. I think music is central in my life and I have a goal which I will aspire.

Who from the participants, in your opinion, was the most powerful as your competitor?
Many contestants were strong and deserved to win.

What impression did you have formed about the participants from other countries?
It was interesting to listen to participants from other countries.

Who are your favorite artists and styles?
I love Christina Aguilera and consider her as an example for myself (ordinary girl from an ordinary family achieved such a great success, thanks to her talent and hard work), styles: rock, pop, alternative.

What do you think about the competition, which passes completely through the Internet?
Very positive. Online contest gives to artist complete freedom, without much worries you can open up completely.

What will you wish the contestants for the next year?
I wish all the contestants to be brave in selection of songs, show excellent results, and most importantly be yourself in every song, do not be afraid to improvise and express yourself.

On competition had participated 30 participants from 7 countries (Serbia, Slovenia, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus). Contestants were judged by jury from Russia, Belarus, Serbia, Austria and Canada.

Young contestant from Kiev, Ukraine – Belous Tatiana became the absolute winner in nomination “Pop – Jazz singing”.

The main goals of International Music Competition 2014 – Belgrade, Serbia are development of children and youth creativity, promotion of creative music collectives, discovering new talents, improvement of professional skills heads of the collectives, promotion of art and culture of different nations, which contributes to their convergence and consolidation.

The competition showed that there are many talented, creative and enthusiastic children and teachers who love their job. It gave a powerful energy to achieve new heights and invaluable experience.

Mir Production with such a distribution of the prize fund helps talented young musicians, some of the participants of the International Music Competition 2014 – Belgrade, Serbia in promoting their music career, professional growth and opens for them new horizons in the music world.