Prize fund – Alexander Rublev


Our member of jury Helen Berger and International musical festival CAP FERRET MUSIC FESTIVAL (France) director, as a prize to the elected participant of Masters Final grant opportunity to participate in International musical festival Cap Ferret (France) from 7 to 14 on July 2017!

The organizer INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION 2017 – Belgrade, Serbia paid for travel expenses Moscow-Bordeaux-Moscow.


This year, Alexander Rublev, the winner in the nomination “trumpet” and the participant of the Masters of the Finals, won the prize. Alexander is a student at the Moscow Secondary School of Music (college). Gnesin in the class of Pushkarev Vladimir Ivanovich.

Here are the impressions of Alexander Rublev:

The trip to the music festival in France in Cap Ferrat brought to me a lot of nice memories. I took part in the master classes with Pierre Dutot and Vladislav Lavrik.

Every day from 10am to lunch there were group and individual trumpet lessons, on which, i, along with other students actively worked and for a short period of time was able to improve my playing skills.


It was a pleasure to attend the rehearsals of the orchestra which i played with and i’ve been very responsible about the parts that i was supossed to play.

At one of the concerts, i presented my small program, performed very good and was pleasantly surprised by the attention and ovations of the public.


Time flew by unnoticed, the festival ended with a finale concert. The organizers included in the program my performance. I performed “Slavic Fantasy” by Karl Høne. A real gift was Vladislav Lavrik’s proposal to perform a duet with me at this concert! We rehearsed several times, and prepared a duet for the two trumpets playing “Bolero” by Emile Saint-Saëns.


Time between lessons and rehearsals we spend taking a walks by the sea, cycling, and going to concerts in the evenings.


Cap Ferrat is located on the Atlantic coast, surrounded by pine trees, this is a fantastic place, and this musical festival will remain in my memory for life!


I express my gratitude to Helen Berger and the organizers of the Contest for the opportunity to participate in the International Music Festival Cap Ferret (France) from 7 to 14 July 2017 as part of the prize fund. Thank you very much for such a wonderful prize! (Alexander Rublev)


CAP FERRET MUSIC FESTIVAL is the series of prestigious concerts and  master classes on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, with the participation of world famous musicians in perfect atmosphere promoting creativity and inspiration.


Our Competition connects musicians from many different countries. This year, with our help, we got an interesting cooperation between our jury members Helen Berger and Vladislav Lavrik. Helen Berger – Director of the International Music Festival CAP FERRET MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017. (France) invited Vladislav to participate in the Festival as a conductor, performer and teacher of the master class.


In the photo Helen Berger is director of the International Music Festival CAP FERRET MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 (France).

Cap Ferret is a cape located in Southern part of the commune Lege-Cap-Ferret (Zhironda). Cape takes the form the scythe which separates the Atlantic ocean from Arkashon’s gulf. He is known as the place of rest for high French society and остается by fancy place for summer holiday.

Mir Production with such a distribution of the prize fund helps talented young musicians, some of the winners of the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION 2017 – Belgrade, Serbia in promoting their music career, professional growth and opens for them new horizons in the music world.