Masters Final 2018

Our longtime partner and member of the jury Helena Berger (France) is one of the organizers of the great music competition CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL LEOPOLD BELLAN (Parish, France) and the festival director – Cap Ferret Music Festival.

Helena Berger listened to all Masters Final participants and suggested for participants the possibility to participate directly in the final (or half final for Song and Piano) of the music festival CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL LEOPOLD BELLAN (Parish, France) is held on 29 OCTOBER-3 NOVEMBER 2018 (winds + accordion) / 28 OCTOBER -2 NOVEMBER 2019 (strings + harp, guitar & percussions).

No age limits, program free. 20.000 euros for prizes!
Road and accommodation costs are paid by the participants themselves.

Each year : Piano, piano ensemble, soloist voice, chamber music, vocal group, composition, jazz, and for the 1st time in 2018 traditional instruments.

Selected participants Masters Final “JUNIOR”:


Selected participants Masters Final “SENIOR”:


Organizer International Music Competition-Belgrade, Serbia pays participants (5 participants) a fee (80 € for soloists / 100 € for ensembles.). Registration fee payment to CONCOURS INTERNATIONAL LEOPOLD BELLAN.

All firts prize and honor prizes of Final Bellan Competition can go directly in Japan Osaka International Music Competition and others partners in the word.

Soon we will announce more awards for the participants of the Master Finals.

For more information, please contact the organizer International Music Competition – Belgrade, Serbia.