PIANO 2018


Dear contestants, teachers and parents!

Congratulations to everyone for the results! This year at the competition there were present various musical institutions of Russia, Poland, France, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Macedonia, Mongolia, Slovenia and other countries!

Such a large “map” of musicians is great, because it allows that one page at the Internet gets to show many music schools all over the world. Hardly anywhere else it can be possible!

The level of performance from year to year is growing. There are new “stars”. I want to wish to all the children great success in this hard metier, and to salute the patience and understanding of all teachers and parents towards their children. Once again I congratulate all and I wish good luck in the future creative path!

With respect and gratitude, a member of the jury in the nomination for the piano Rimma Bolshakova (Novosibirsk, Russia)


Dear contest participants, teachers, dads and moms! I congratulate you all with the end of the competitive listening and the results of the contest!

You are all great fellows! So much hard work is done, both participants, and their teachers and parents! What a vast geography of the competition! How pleasant it is to celebrate the professional growth of the participants who have performed at the competition for several years in a row and see how the musicians grow out of small children!

Do not worry, please, guys who are not included in the group of the strongest! Everything begins. You are very capable, work hard, be demanding of yourself, listen to a lot of classical music, and you will all succeed! The most important thing is that you are already in music, that you love it, give it your time, strength and desire!

GOOD LUCK to you, guys! You are such a big team here – there is hardly another competition with such an office! You brought so much fun with your playing!

Sincerely, a member of the jury in the nomination of Piano-Tamara Yusman