Slavonic Music Festival


1 th Slavonic Music Festival of phicissaly challenged young people (Moscow, Russia)

Dear friends, I want to share by my impressions of a trip to Moscow to 1 th Slavonic music festival of phicissaly challenged young people. Festival passed since 24.- 26. October in Russian State Specialized academy of arts with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Slavonic Music Festival

Russian state specialised arts academy is the sole in the world educational institution enabling people with limited opportunities of health to receive a normal higher education (Musical department, The department of fine arts, Theatrical department and Interfaculty faculty of humanities disciplines).

In the academy throughout 25 years effectively the idea of inclusive education is realised. It is promoted by modern techniques of training and socially balanced student environment. Since its founding, the academy accumulated a huge operational experience with creatively gifted invalids. Festival Internacional Paramusical de Moscow

In this year the representatives from Russia, Kazakstan, Belarus, Czechia, Lithuania and Serbia took part. All participants showed their talent, hard work and willingness, and despite the obstacles to be engaged in a favourite activity, music. For me and judges it was not an easy task to define winners as each of them is already a winner!

Within the festival, besides competition, round table, creative meetings, and participants’ conclusive concert were held. Particularly want to note creative meeting with the orchestra of the RGSAI which was organised by art director of the collective – Korablev Valery Yurevich – the main orchestra conductor, the winner of Russian, Union and International competitions, honored representative of Russian society of blind.

There was a very interesting and emotional dialogue with the participants of the orchestra and particularly pleasing gesture. Specially for representative from Serbia (Dzhovana Panich), the orchestra made arrangement and executed on creative meeting “Spring lead” С. В. Rakhmaninov together with Dzhovanaya. For her it was a bright and unforgettable event.

Slavonic Music Festival

On round table very important topics were touched. There were proposals and intention with the common efforts to help and to give chance to the musicians to develop and to reach goals set forth.

Hugely bow to those people, who with their hard work helped organise and conducted this festival filled with emotions. I wish by all, sound health and strength to continue this amazing festival! (Milomir Dojcinovic)