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WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition breaks records: JANUARY-JUNE with UNREAL NUMBERS! set new records in the period January-June in terms of monthly, with daily number of visits and open pages. The site was opened by more than 120,000 visitors in January-June with more than 800,000 pages viewed!

In January alone, 20,870 visitors entered the site and over 51,431 pages were opened.Site statistics


In March, the number of visitors increased drastically (31,354) and the opening of pages (275,277) was almost six times!!Site statistics

As a reminder, in April one of the pages had over 50,000 views!



The site also shows the balance of power between other sites hosting online competitions.

So according to the team, the site has more visits and views than the TOP 10 best online contests combined!

All these figures additionally oblige our team to dedicate itself to maintaining high professional standards and the basic mission – the organization of online competitions for pupils, students and participants without age restrictions.

Full football stadium and match CHAMPIONS MUSIC LEAGUE !!! 🔔 ▶️ 🎬👏