Bravo, Poland


Dear participants from Poland, WORLD OPEN Competition Team expresses sincere gratitude and admiration.

Over the past few years, at the WORLD OPEN Online Competition, participants from Poland have shown a real musical fireworks of talents, skill, excellent work of teachers, as well as support for musical institutions in their country!

To understand the importance of the participation of well-trained pupils and students from more than 120 musical institutions, from the youngest to the real professionals, it is important to know that our site is viewed daily by 1,000 to 2,000 visitors from all over the world.

Receiving a huge number of letters, we note that many teachers and jury members from different countries spoke very commendably about the participants from Poland, noting their professionalism and style of performance!

In almost all disciplines, competitors from Poland showed outstanding results and took the highest places. 

In addition to positive reviews, you may be interested in briefly familiarizing yourself with the impressions, about no less important details, that influenced the overall impression of the video performances of Polish participants on the part of jury members, teachers, and parents from various countries:

– the appearance of the stage in which the participant performs in a musical institution. Most of the concert scenes look very modern, neat, bright, with top-quality pianos that are well-tuned and have excellent acoustics;

– excellent quality of the instrument;

– the participant’s stage behavior prior to the performance (how the participant presents himself, his expression, and mood) in the breaks between parts and at the end of the video;

– stylish or festive concert clothing that demonstrates professionalism and commitment to ensure that every piece of the video is perfect and cute. Clothing demonstrates the importance and respect for oneself, one’s teacher, jury members, a musical institution, the Internet community;

– exceptional dedication and knowledge of the operators, so that the recorded video is of the highest quality;

– there is an organ in almost every concert hall, and this is one of the symbols of Christian Europe! Indeed, such a stage with organ music is impressive and has a deep religious and historical meaning;

– when it comes to communicating with participants, our administration has always maintained excellent partnerships and resolved all questions or potential problems to mutual satisfaction.

Analyzing these basic parameters, we come to the conclusion that the Polish state institution dealing with music education meets all standards and requirements at a very high level and interacts flawlessly with the responsible officials in your music institutions.

“AMOS ensemble” Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, Katowice, Poland


Thank you POLAND,

Regards and best wishes,

WORLD OPEN Competition Team