Experienced hypnotist


A PERFORMANCE THAT PUSHES MUSICAL BOUNDARIES! Szives Márton Gábor, as an experienced hypnotist, forced the viewer to watch his fantastic competition video performance without breathing and with their eyes wide open.

Szives Márton Gábor is not only a phenomenal musician but also a real actor. With his performance, he united playing and acting and conveyed and united both musical and stage thought to the viewer in an exceptional way.

Congratulations also to composer Shinichiro Ikebe who wrote “The Snare Growls and He Flies”.

Szives Márton Gábor is a professional musician and the percussion teacher of the Békéscsaba Bartók Béla Művészeti Szakgimnázium és AMI (Békéscsaba, Hungary). Open the link and watch the complete competition video performance of this exceptional percussionist