The baby listens carefully


Well, it’s really amazing! WORLD OPEN MUSIC COMPETITION expands all possible competitive boundaries!

Is there anything unusual in this video? Look closely! Harpist Shujun Huang, representative of the Carty Harp Center from Hong Kong, is expecting a baby soon)))

Great memory for Shujun Huang! While she is playing the competition program, the baby listens, enjoys and, of course, cheers for her mother)))

The child already in the early stages of pregnancy reacts differently to various external factors, including music. Many expectant mothers listen to music during pregnancy – it accompanies us everywhere, and the baby also becomes her listener in the womb.

From the 24th week, the baby in the stomach distinguishes the frequencies and timbres of voices and sounds: sharp, low and loud sounds frighten him, light, melodic ones amuse him, and sometimes he even dances in his tummy to energetic rhythms.

Scientists have long proven that music affects the fetal development and behavior of the child. In China, 2000 years ago, prenatal exposure to the child was practiced by many hours of singing. In Japan, pregnant women were placed in special communities located in a beautiful area, where they were engaged in the aesthetic and musical education of the mother and unborn child.

The baby listens carefully

Classical music, nature sounds, lullabies and relaxation music have the most beneficial effect.

So, if you want to raise a brilliant musician, start musical exercises even before the baby is born.