Paweł Bortnowski


A music competition is always excitement, creative passion and inspiration. A competition is a step up the ladder of a professional career that gives new experience, new ideas, the desire to change and grow or stop and rethink your actions.

In 2016, in the piano category, PAWEL BORTNOWSKY (The Complex of State Music Schools G. Bacewicz, Koszalin, Poland) entered his students into the competition for the first time and immediately demonstrated a high level of professional skill.

Every year, Pawel Bortnowski delights the Internet audience with talented students and almost his entire class participates in our competition.

The impressive success of his students attracted the attention of the competition organizers, who decided to invite him to the competition jury in 2019. In the work of the jury, Pawel showed objectivity, high professionalism, goodwill and a sensitive attitude towards young performers.

Paweł Bortnowski

Since 2020, two more editions have been added to our competition. Now, contestants can present themselves in one of three editions, and, if desired, participate in all three (SPRING, SUMMER and AUTUMN EDITION).

Pawel’s students took advantage of this opportunity and have been participating in all three competitive editions with different programs for several years in a row. Agree, this is a lot of work, both for the teacher and the student!

Paweł Bortnowski

Over the course of 8 years, a large number of talented musicians from his class sent more than 30 videos of the most complex concert and competitive program to the competition, and several of his students took the highest places and became absolute winners in the piano and piano ensembles category.

Dear Paweł,
We hope that the competition gave impetus to your professional growth and improvement of teaching skills. By participating in the work of the jury, they confirmed the high level of the status of the teacher and made a worthy contribution to the development of WORLD OPEN MUSIC COMPETITION. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work done conscientiously, into which you put love, diligence, dedication, honest and effective work!

We wish you prosperity, new talented students, success in your future projects, creative ideas. Let the feeling of joy and celebration never leave you. Be happy and successful, health and family well-being.

Paweł Bortnowski