PIANO 2019

Results for PIANO 2019.

Dear participants, teachers and parents! Congratulations to all of you with the end of the competition, one of the most interesting and representative in recent years! You are all great, it is clear that you tried very hard and managed to show your achievements in the game on a very difficult tool!

I am pleased to note the expanding geography of the competition; many European countries are represented, Asia is actively represented, and even the countries of the Americas.

I sincerely welcome participants from Ukraine, especially from those cities where there is now a very difficult security situation! You are just heroes! I am very glad that the Music attracts you so much that you find time and energy for classes, and your teachers work with you!

It is clear that without parental support nothing ever happens in our business, and therefore a special thank you to all your parents!

I would also like to note a few points. In the younger groups, which I had the honor of judging, this year the level has greatly increased. It is clear that not everyone fell into the group of the strongest, but do not be discouraged! You are all capable, which means that you just need to work a little more. Do not try to take on the program of increased complexity, for how HOW you play is much more important than WHAT. Of course, one should not consciously underestimate the level. Play what you can do, try to be serious about the text, the author’s intentions, your pianistic apparatus, and then everything will work out for you!

It is remarkable that the competition is absolutely transparent, that there is an opportunity to hear your rivals, learn from the best of them, and learn from the mistakes of certain participants.

Do not include only contemporary composers in the program! It is clear that this music is easier to play, the language of composers is closer and clearer, but the classics are therefore called that, first of all, it teaches that without which it is impossible to do. It is the works of the classical piano repertoire that teach taste, “mold” your pens, and therefore do not pursue easy success!

I would like to say a few kind words about the level of the guys from Mongolia – this year this team is much stronger and more professional. The children from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan pleased us pleasantly. Good performances came from Costa Rica! Good luck to you in our competition! Many thanks to the Russians – their team, I think, is the most representative, there are many talented and well-trained children! Thanks to all representatives of Western Europe, your quality and quantity certainly pleases!

Once again, I congratulate everyone on the end of the exciting musical event! I wish you success! With sincere respect and hope to see and hear you later, Tamara Yusman.


Jury member in the nomination “Piano”, teacher of the Novosibirsk Special Music School Rimma Bolshakova.

Congratulations to all participants, teachers and parents with the end of the competition!

I am very pleased that the skill level of the performers is steadily increasing from year to year, many of the guys send their videos no longer The first time and show individual professional growth, it is very nice.

The programs began to dominate the works of the classical repertoire, which also indicates that the level of the competition is increasing. I would like to wish all the contestants good luck, inspiration and hard work, and teachers and parents great patience and respect for their children.

You are all great, keep it up! See you at the next contest!