Prize Fund – Belous Tatiana


Organizer received 30 competitive applications from 7 countries (Serbia, Slovenia, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus). Young contestant from Kiev, Ukraine – Belous Tatiana became the absolute winner in nomination “Pop – Jazz singing”.

BELOUS TATIANA was born in 18.01.2005 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Her mother, Natalia Belous is an economist. Father Sergey Belous is a system administrator.

From 2008 to 2011 Tanya attended preschool NVK “Intel”.

From 2011 to 2014 – studied in school “Intel”, where she took an active part in performing activities.

From 01.09.2012 Tatiana studies in children’s music school № 23 in Kiev (Director Anikeenko Alla) on specializations: piano (teacher Molganova Oksana) and pop vocal (teacher Stefanishina Tatiana).

From 2012 year to 2014 Tatyana took part in such contests:

30.11.2013 International Competition and Arts Festival of young performers “Palayucha Zirka” in Kiev, the winner of the first degree;

27.10.2013 II International festival of children and teenagers “On the banks of the Dnieper River” in the international project “Talent Salute”, Kiev, the winner of the second degree;

10.18.2013 All-Ukrainian festival of arts “Zoryana Osin” in Kiev, the winner of the first degree;

May 2013 VI International Internet Children’s Art Festival “Orange Summer” Laureate “For artistry”;

26.05.2013 V International Competition-Festival «Art Premium – 2013″, Kiev, winner of I degree;

14.05.2013 First International vocal and choral competition-festival «Viktoria», Kiev, winner of I degree;

20.04.2013 International Olympiad «MY WORLD – ART!» Kiev, Winner of II degree.

17.04.2013 Ukrainian children’s art contest “On the Wings of Spring”, Kiev, the winner of third degree;

6.04.2013 XXIII Outdoor Festival International Singing Competition “Golden note” Dnepropetrovsk, Winner of II degree;

April 2013. “Ball at Popelyushka” Lyceum Kiev International University – Diploma Audience Award;

From a very young age she likes to swim and dance.

The main goals of International Music Competition 2014 – Belgrade, Serbia are development of children and youth creativity, promotion of creative music collectives, discovering new talents, improvement of professional skills heads of the collectives, promotion of art and culture of different nations, which contributes to their convergence and consolidation.

The competition showed that there are many talented, creative and enthusiastic children and teachers who love their job. It gave a powerful energy to achieve new heights and invaluable experience.