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Dear participants, teachers and accompanists!

I congratulate you on the end of the spring season of competitive auditions for the Twelfth World Open Online Music Competition! Despite the difficult times caused by the global pandemic, the organizing committee of the competition continues its successful activities, while creating new forms of work that allow participants from different countries to take part not only in various nominations, but now submit their video applications throughout the year. This is a very wise step in the development of the competition, because the existing restrictions sometimes do not allow participants to prepare for the competitive audition due to the lack of tools at home, since most educational institutions still remain online.

Despite all the difficulties, the competition opens up more and more new talents every year, and this is the great merit of the mentors of the contestants, accompanists, who raise their wards to the podium, thanks to joint, well-organized and well-coordinated work.

It should be noted that the level of performance of competitive programs increases every year. It was with particular interest to watch the performances of the participants of the junior and middle age categories. The degree of technical training in xylophone, snare drum, drum kit, vibraphone and marimba, the use of four-stick playing technique already at the age of 9, undoubtedly, all this indicates that percussion performance is moving forward with rapid strides.

Looking through the performances of participants from different countries, it should be noted that there have been some trends in the development of various performing schools. For example, traditionally, from year to year, most of the participants from Uzbekistan show excellent results on a drum kit, starting from a very young age, the European school of percussion instruments presents a high level of training on pitch keyboards and snare drum or percussion, and performers from Taiwan are focusing on solo marimba performance. Thus, in different parts of our world, their own vectors of performance on percussion instruments are formed and formed.

Summing up, I wish all participants not to dwell on their achievements, improve their game, set themselves new interesting creative tasks and move forward!

Alexey Ralo (Odessa, Ukraine)
Odessa State Nezhdanova Music Academy


Dear participants, teachers and accompanists!

The popularity of the Word Open Music Competition has grown tremendously in recent years!

As a member of the jury in the Percussion Instruments nomination, it is pleasant to add a large number of participants from the EU, Latin American continent, Southeast countries, who show a very high level of percussion performance.

Contemporary works that composers write for us are already an integral part of the repertoire of competition programs.

The quality of the competing performers has grown tremendously. The summer season showed a greater number of participants in the Percussion category and with a good level of performance.

In such difficult times, a pandemic that has swept the whole world, I wish the organizers and participants of the competition to continue, to attract more and more participants in the competition for the greater good!

Ali Izmailov (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)
State Conservatory of Uzbekistan


In 2004. Facebook appeared, in 2006. Twitter. Viber was founded in the beginning of 2010, and Instagram in October of the same year. In 2009, the idea of ​​organizing a music competition that took place entirely online appeared.

For the first time in the history of music competitions for pupils of schools, colleges and conservatories, as well as for participants without age restrictions, back in 2010, we combined and organized a competition for all instruments in one place (website) thanks to the Internet.

WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition is the competition with the longest tradition (since 2010). Only at our competition, as proof, in the archive of the website you can see all the videos and results of the participants since 2010!

In the competition since its inception in 2010, competed more than 10,000 online application form, 14,000 participants from 51 countries, 650 cities and who played on more than 1150 musical institutions. The total number of views of competitive performances from 2010 year exceeded 8 million!

According to these indicators WORLD OPEN Online Music Competition – became leader among the international music competitions in the world. For many contestants, their teachers and music institutions participation in the competition helped during qualification, scholarship, improvement of professional skill.